Small changes that can lead to a positive impact on the environment

The state of our environment is already terrifying and even worse is the thought that we are not doing anything about the rapidly growing global warming and huge ecosystem failures. Based on IPCC 2017 report, by the end of 21st century, the sea levels will rise by 7-23 inches due to global warming. These threats are posing a big challenge to the environment and with small changes in our habits, we can create a big impact on our environment positively. Every single person counts and just one small change can make a big difference. Collectively, we all can stop all those unfavorable activities that are hurting the environment.  

Here are some small changes that you can make in your daily lives to make a positive difference: 

Prefer walking or cycling

For shorter distances and nearby places, try using a bicycle or prefer taking a walk instead of using motorized vehicles. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution caused by vehicles kills around 7 million people annually and 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air. Therefore, using public transports or bicycles is highly suggested. Moreover, it will also save you the costs of fuel and car maintenance.  

people walking and riding bikes

Prefer reusables

Start preferring reusable containers and water bottles for your daily use over the disposable plastic and paper cups. Instead of using reusable plastic water bottles, you should prefer metal or glass bottles. Why? Because the production of plastic emits huge pollutants in the environment and most of them are not recyclable. Only one out of five plastic bottles are recycled every year. Eco-friendly materials should be used at places like coffee chains to reduce the usage of paper cups. Moreover, this small change can also save your precious earned money. 

zero waste, resuable products

Reduce the usage of paper

Paper is definitely more sustainable than plastic, however, it still hurts the environment. Every year, more than 100 million trees are cut down for production paper which leads to deforestation and global warming. To eliminate the unnecessary usage of paper, you can say no to flyers, brochures and promotional mails at your doorsteps. Prefer e-banking and e-receipts over the paperwork. Utilize second-hand books that will not only reduce the use of paper but will also cut costs.  

Avoid electricity leaks

You may not know the term electricity-leaks, but you are unknowingly contributing to it. By leaving your TV, laptops, computers and other electronic devices on standby, they will be consuming half of their running power. Annually, this amount of energy when combined is equal to the energy produced by 26 power plants! Way too much, right? You can avoid electricity leaks by simply turning off your electronic devices when they are not in use or by unplugging them entirely. 

Save water

Because of the unlimited supply of water in our homes, we forget that it is a limited resource that needs to be saved. While brushing your teeth and washing your hands or face, you should always turn the faucet off. It may look like keeping the water running for just a few minutes won’t hurt. However, an average faucet releases 3 gallons of water per minute. Now multiply 3 gallons with your few minutes and the number of times you use a faucet each day. This small act can help you save lots of water every day. 

wastage of water

Implementation of these small habits in your daily life won’t hurt and will only save your money. These small acts will make a great impact on the environment positively and will reduce global warming considerably. Collectively, we all can make a huge difference and save this awesome planet.  Similarly, you can opt-out of chewing gum. Gum is made out of synthetic rubber, which is just another form of plastic. There are numerous snack options available that can easily replace gum such as jelly candies. You are not missing out on much. 

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