Measures To Keep Earth Happy And Lively After Lockdown

The earth has been facing continuous deterioration, although presently something quite astonishing has taken place that has potentially ameliorated the environmental condition. The coronavirus pandemic, though is certainly the most disastrous phenomenon, yet has offered beneficial impacts on the ecosystem.

The lockdown and strict restrictions imposed by the government is the reason for earth’s betterment. The researchers in New York have observed a reduction of 50% in the levels of carbon monoxide. Such reduction is observed after highly depleted use of vehicles and transportation. Along with them, the researchers at Columbia University have derived that they have observed a 35% reduction in the traffic levels in comparison to the previous year. Although, these benefits won’t be continued if all of us return to our normal lives, which we had before lockdown. So, here are some of the most interesting measures, you need to follow in your life after lockdown, that will help you maintain earth’s betterment and natural habitat.

Transportation Measures

Emission of toxic gases has been a major reason behind the depleting condition of air. Other than industrial pollution, transportation is the main reason behind the emission of toxic gases, which is why we should significantly keep a check on our vehicles and driving.

By enhancing fuel efficiency, one can substantially contribute to contain the impact on global warming. Moreover, in their life after lockdown, one must reduce their driving to only essential instances or should switch to carpooling. Carpooling is one of the great ways to mediate the amount of emission in the area. In America, every year there is a substantial increase in fuel consumption for vehicles, which is an alarming sign. To prevent air pollution caused due to vehicles, people must look for public transportation, carpooling or should rely on cycles and walking.


Electronics Measures

Well, giant electronic devices like refrigerators and air conditioners have a major impact on the environment. It is one of the most prominent devices and consumes a hefty sum of electricity.

Replacing your old-outdated electronics can be helpful as the new models are 50% more efficient than others. Other than this, one must utilize these devices only on occasions where it is highly necessary. Also, following the trends, one must look for a single fridge, rather than a separate fridge in the garage. It will not just help in preventing air pollution, but will also offer extra space for some better use.

Go Green

Planting as many trees and plants is highly recommendable. Once the lockdown will get over, you must do as much plantation as possible, because it will help in consuming carbon footprints. Afforestation is certainly one of the incredible ways to reduce global warming as the environment cools down. After the lockdown gets lifted, the carbon emission will be on its peak, which is why planting trees and plants in your garden would help you in alleviating the carbon emission. You don’t need to go out and plant a jungle, just look for some small greenery at your house. Get yourself a bunch of plants and dwell yourself into gardening.

planting a tree

Go Organic

Eating non-organic food usually contributes to the degrading state of the land. It happens as many farmers use pesticides to secure their crops. However, adding such chemicals will affect microorganisms adversely. These microorganisms are used to contain carbon in the soil, which further depletes the fertility of the land.

organic food farm

Additionally, it is important, if you begin taking steps towards accurate disposal of waste, further reducing littering the natural surroundings like lakes and ponds. Also, by depending on the organic food options from local areas, you enhance the carbon containment in the soil as well as reduce carbon emission from trucks, which are used to transport vegetables in different regions.

From dominating economies to leading industries in the world, coronavirus has affected all the aspects of the environment. Including leading nations like the US, China and Italy, all the countries have taken strict measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus, which has eventually turned out to be beneficial for the earth. By following the listed measures, there is a chance that one can contribute towards earth’s betterment following its natural state and further enhance its health.

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