Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging can reduce the bad impact on the environment with innovative packaging solutions. They meet the demands of customers and they are environmentally friendly options. Most companies today are focusing on sustainability innovations that can fulfill their social responsibility. Sustainable packaging is not just about recycled materials, but also an environmentally friendly alternative that involves the complete life of the materials from sourcing to recycling. They are safe, beneficial, and healthy for individuals as well as communities. 

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What is Sustainable Packaging?

The development and utilization of eco-friendly packaging that results in reduced environmental impact is sustainable packaging. They reduce the ecological footprint as they are concerned with the increased use of life-cycle inventory (LSI) and life-cycle assessment (LSA). It is a new addition to the packaging that considers the environment. To reduce their carbon footprint, companies have started implementing sustainable packaging in their businesses. For instance, Tetra Pak, a multinational food packaging company was the first one to offer an innovative design that took less space and secondary packaging. Puma also successfully incorporated sustainable packaging solutions that saved them 8500 tons of paper, 1 million liters of water, and 10 million megajoules of electricity. Companies like Lego, KFC, Dell, and Frito-Lay have also contributed to conservation of the environment with sustainable packaging.

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Criteria for Sustainable Packaging:

Here are the criteria that define ecologically sustainable packaging that fulfills the social objectives and concerns of a business. They include innovation, transformation, and optimization of sustainable packaging that has a closed loop of the eco-friendly packaging.It means that there will be no wastage of resources, raw materials, and energy throughout the process of the product lifecycle. The packaging will be recycled instead of being disposed of.    

  1. Uses minimum materials that can be in the form of reduced layers, lower volume, and mass of packaging.  
  2. It does not involve the usage of toxic materials that are harmful to the environment and humans as well.  
  3. Its life cycle must take place, from sourcing to recycling, using only the renewable sources of energy. 
  4. Manufactured from recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable materials that do not contaminate the environment. 
  5. Healthy, safe, and beneficial for the community and climate. 
  6. Made from clean technologies and appropriate practices that are safe for the workers. 
  7. It does not have a bad effect on the atmosphere that includes the ozone layer. 
  8. Meets the criteria of the market for cost and performance.  
  9. Optimizes both material and energy. 

Advantages of Sustainable Packaging:

There are several advantages for business owners in preferring sustainable packaging to reduce the environmental impact. Most of the businesses can also save money in the long run with innovative packaging solutions. The main aim of the ecologically sustainable packaging is to preserve the ecosystem, ensure the viability and quality of human life and the entire ecosystem. Here are some of the benefits that can be derived from being environmentally friendly:

Environmental Benefits: It is manufactured from recycled and recyclable material that can help in reducing the wastage of the resources. They are more efficient, reduce the environmental impact, and minimize the usage of resources. It will also help in reducing the carbon footprint. This can also be beneficial for businesses in saving costs and raw materials.  

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Enhanced Brand Image: Using sustainable packaging can improve your brand image considerably. It will show your customers that you are a socially responsible company that cares about the ecosystem. It will result in increased revenue and sales for your organization. It can also help you save the shipping costs as the products will be lighter with lower packaging.

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Versatile: Environmentally friendly sustainable packaging is remarkably versatile in nature. It can be used by most of the industries as it can suit their packaging needs.    

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In a nutshell   

Going green to save the environment is not always the only option. You can shift to sustainable packaging, like the most companies these days and can fulfill your responsibility towards the environment as an organization. It will not only benefit the environment but your company and customers too.   

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