Top Countries Moving Towards Global Green Living

As sustainability is at the cutting-edge of global conversation, it is crucial to examine the strategies that countries are adapting to minimize their impact on the planet. Whilst the need for change is obvious, the world’s richest countries have more atypical attitudes towards climate change and the environment.  

As the consequences of climate change come into more focus- heat waves and increasingly volatile weather are hitting crisis globally.  Several authorities and government are placing the concern for the environment at the forefront more than ever before. Earth’s limited resources are becoming a scanter. As a result, countries are now considering and working on the environment as their topmost priority, otherwise, it may hinder their economic productivity for upcoming generations. 

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) presents a comprehensive data in which countries are observed as being the most environmental-friendly. In advance of this, take a look at some of the current sustainable lifestyle practices which have made the headlines around the globe to gauge the countries that are making progress while others that are falling behind. 

Countries Ranked According To EPI

By concentrating on target categories, a biennial report, EPI analyses how each country is proactive in prioritizing ecosystem vitality. In 2020, ten categories were examined that are in terms of water and sanitation, air quality, forests, climate and energy, heavy metals, agriculture, biodiversity and habitat, fisheries, water resources, and air pollution. The 2020 EPI survey showcases how countries are making positive changes, and also provides the granular view of the areas in which they require to expand these efforts. 

The global authorities have banded collectively in several coalitions to safeguard the environment as well as reverse the effects of climate change. For instance, in Paris, there are 195 signatories, while all other countries are focused on minimizing greenhouse gas emissions in a long-term bid. Based on the EPI, there is the latest annual ranking of the policies of 180 countries. Here are the top five leading the way in environment care while all others are failing adversely behind. 

1. Denmark

According to the 2020 EPI data, Denmark leads the world in sustainability with a score of 82.5 EPI. The country hits the mark with 100 for water resources due to its cleanest groundwater in the earth. It is the result of its consistent efforts to purify its wastewater and to save its aquatic environment with over 1,000 water treatment plants.


2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is no less than Denmark. Surprisingly, it has made second position with 82.3 EPI. The country constantly excels in introducing water protection zones. It will be interesting to know that it has recorded zero pollution emissions and zero black carbon growth rate. It thrives to further implement eco-friendly infrastructure and restoring its ecosystems.

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3. Switzerland

Switzerland ranks as the world’s third eco-friendly country with an EPI of 81.5 for a number of reasons. Its biodiversity promotes the responsible consumption of resources and emphasizes more on the importance of recycling. This has brought it closer towards the goal of achieving 100% renewable energy.  bamboo toothbrush, you are getting the same amount of dental care while you are also making a small but valuable contribution towards alleviating the harmful burden of the single-use plastic dump.


4. United Kingdom

Much of the United Kingdom’s, its EPI 81.3 rating can be attributed to the cleanest sanitization and drinking water. The government also encourages the utilization of electric vehicles instead of commercial gas fuels.  


5. France

When you think of France, one thing that comes in mind is about indulgence rather than restraint, but the latter has what made it to be at fifth place with an EPI of 80. The country is moving towards more eco-friendly transport such as driverless cars and electric cars due to which it has zero pollution consumption.  


All these countries are coming up with advanced policies to meet environmental goals. However, there are still several countries that are at the bottom of the EPI 2020 scoreboard. Like the USA which is near the back of the pack for developing countries, it stands at 24th position with an overall EPI of 69.3. When it comes to air pollution, the US has made its top position with zero black carbon rates as compared to other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine etc. It is comparatively performing better in terms of air quality, sustainable lifestyle, renewable energy resources, and waste management. 

The fact cannot be denied that though some of the countries in this top five may be under development or may not boost high innovation, but still they have made a great stand in the history of EPI by making a real change. There are a number of countries that are far away from reaching their nearer score. Such countries require to make the most out of the existing resources in order to improve their approach in the future towards global green living. 

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