Successful Afforestation Projects Across the World

The habitable planets in our galaxy are more than humans surviving on the planet Earth and among the, the nearest one is over 70 trillion miles away. In other words, for the foreseeable future, Earth will be the only one sustaining rock hurtling through infinite space. Sounds shocking right? Well, it’s not a great idea to let it burn up and the only key to keep it cool is through the massive rainforest of Amazon.   

The Amazon Rainforest is not enough to tackle this huge disaster. Several large-scale afforestation programs and campaigns have been attempted globally to boost environmental conditions in deteriorated locations.  Out of so many projects, there are some which are carried out on a large scale while the world’s largest project ‘Brazilian Amazon’ is set to begin very soon.   

When it comes to afforestation projects, the UN general assembly isn’t the only organization that is superintended for the world forest. However, profit organizations and NGOs also play a key role in examining economic and environmental losses caused by human deforestation. They also look at other factors and plans to restore the health of the ecosystem. For years, several afforestation projects across the globe have succeeded in bringing the forest back to health and life. 


World Tour of Large-scale Afforestation Projects

There are a host of successful large-scale afforestation programs aiming to develop a greener world. To give you a glimpse of the big initiatives recently taking place or to be carried out in the future, we have combined the top projects of the world.  

  • In 2020, Eire initiated an aspiring government project, ‘Climate Action Plan’ in order to plant around 8,000 hectares of forest from 2021 to 2028.  
  • ‘The Northern Forest’ aims to create biodiversity to the north of England where forest only surrounds 6.9% of the surface. It will plan around 50 million trees in the next 20 years.  
  • China initiated the ‘Grain for Green’ campaign in 1999 which pays farmers to transform croplands to woodlands. The campaign has already covered around 28 million lands in the country.  

Afforestation in the United States

National Forest Foundation restores the Angeles National Forest which was deteriorated by sand fire in 2016. The action is initiated to protect the precious landscape, a rich fauna, and flora. The forest is situated in the heart of California. In addition to the National Forest Foundation, Reforest’Action contributes to plant over 10,000 trees of endemic species to bring back the massif. 

Thanks to the development of this degraded ecosystem, the local people can once again have the chance to enjoy the forest. Tree plantation will also stabilize the forest soil, bring back habitats of several species including the Californian owl, and further enhance the quality of rivers that passes through Los Angeles.

World’s Top Planters

Conservation International plans to grow around 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon which is the largest afforestation project in history. The trees will be planted across the state of Amazon, Rondônia, and Acre. The main purpose of the Amazon Rainforest is to plant around 70,000 acres of tropical forest.  

Afforesting is one of the positive efforts in restraining the destruction and over-use of natural forests. If initiated with appropriate planning and at proper locations, it can become a viable solution for human requirements without harming the balance of the Earth. 

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