What Ingredients to Avoid while Purchasing the Products to Save the Environment?

From the past few decades, consumerism has run riot, building a culture where people learn towards products which are disposable, cost-effective and convenient. However, with the ease of its usage, it is ruining our planet Earth by leading to resource depletion and pollution. Ittime to simply get your hands on sustainable products and completely overhaul your home with them. And the great idea to begin this is by appropriately selecting the items you purchase while shopping.  

In a US study, it has found that 100,000 marine mammals and one million seabirds die each year from plastic pollution. An easy replacement of disposable products and supporting brands that source their products sustainably are just some of the ways you can help make a change. Take a look below on some of the major products which will assist in promoting a green living. 

Eco-Friendly Products to Bring You Closer Towards Saving the Planet

Here are some of the changes that one can make with sustainable products that can have a significant impact on our environmental footprint. 

1. An Eco-friendly Clothing for Every Occasion

In the world of evolving fashion trends, it’s never a bad idea to purchase new clothing now and then. However, most of the clothing is made from cotton which contains a significant amount of plasticized fabric and flexible plastic sheeting. Always try to shop from brands that manufacture eco-friendly clothes that are made from recycle materials and eliminates usage of excessive dyes, water etc. This is where you can avoid wearing such clothes made out of plastic and minimize waste in our landfills. 

recycled clothes

2. Say No to Wet Wipes

In 2019, research recorded a 76% rise in wet wipes around the beaches causing immense harm to the environment and marine life. These wipes contain plastic which can never be dissolved. Instead of buying wipes, switch to eco-friendly products like flannel or fabric cloths. 

3. Avoid Creating Trash

A little trash avoidance will make a huge difference in promoting a sustainable planet. When ordering food, avoid receiving any unnecessary plastic utensils, straws, etc. The same goes while shopping at supermarkets. While shopping only a few products, skip shopping bags. In case of large purchases, carry our own environment-saving products such as jute bags or fabric based bags. 

eco shopping bags

4. A Shift Towards Vegan

Switching to a vegan diet is a powerful way to save our environment. As per the UN report, livestock sector, particularly cows, pigs and hens emerge as the top contributors to some of the most serious environmental issues from local to the global scale. They are responsible for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The best alternative for this is to stick to locally grown food or buying vegan food products that minimize climate change emissions and protect the environment. 

Breakfast vegan bowls for healthy eating

Buy More, Harm Less

As the markets are loaded with innumerable products and items, it is appropriate to choose wisely and stick to the products which carry minimal packaging. Instead of buying smaller quantity-based products that are required on a daily basis (drinks, animal food, candy, food items), try to opt for one bigger size. This will considerably minimize the use of plastic and waste. 

Purchasing New? More Sustainable Version of Anything You already Have at Home

The best start for minimizing environmental harm is right there at your home. One such includes LED bulbs which are one of the best sustainable products that you will find around. They convert 95% of the energy used into the light and only 5% is wasted as heat. Despite being a good traditional option, they are considered as an energy-efficient source. So once its stop working, you know which one to go for. 

Saving the planet is no easy feat, but by making small steps and limiting yourself from avoiding high stake products, you can advance towards a better and greener living. Consider having such environment-saving products and once you do, you are bound to feel great! 

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