A Guide to Styling Your Tableware

Dining is not just about sitting together and having delicious home-cooked meals. Rather, it’s the complete combination of taste, presentation, and serving style. You don’t have to go over your budgets and requirements for this, small changes can bring big results. Styling your tableware boost the dining experience through your creativity and innovation. 

It is all about the quality of the dining crockery that you use. A scientific study states that texture, color, and presentation of the tableware have a direct impact on your overall dining experience. It also influences your satisfaction level and perception of the flavors of the dish. For instance, a sweet dish will taste sweeter in a wooden cup or a glass dish. 

Whether you are styling your tableware for a casual weeknight meal or for a formal family dinner, the following tips make it easy to bring fine dining design to your table. You can either mix or match your current tableware accessories or just spruce them up to make your home dining special. 

You might be thinking that styling your tableware means taking the fancy plates out of their box and having a big pile of dishes to clean up afterward. Don’t worry. Take a look at some of these striking dining ideas and refresh your home by bringing SellSage Plantry tableware to greater stylistic heights. Yes, you can use eco-friendly disposable tableware and make it look stunning. 

Our Plantry tableware collection is made from naturally fallen palm leaves. They are 100% biodegradable and chemical-free providing a safe alternative to other disposable material while still giving you the convenience of single-use products. 

palm leaf bowls

Mix & Match Your Tableware with Style

Everyone likes colors, especially if they pop-up the special meals you prepare. You can play around with these and keep your dining ware trendy by following a mix & match pattern. Have a look at some important style elements to update your tableware and create a fantastic and memorable dining experience with your loved ones.

For fall and winter, expose the wood of your table, add colorful leaves as decoration as well as a jute placemat. Mixed with the light color of the palm leaf tableware from SellSage, and the orange and yellow color coming from the delicious pumpkin recipes you are making, this will be a hit this season. 

fall tableware decor

Keep Experimenting with Shapes & Styles

You first eat with your eyes. Good food is more than just taste. It is also about how you present it on your dining table. The design of your crockery can instantly lift your mood and add drama to even the routine food items. For styling your tableware, consider the layout of your dinnerware by experimenting with different sizes and shapes. 

Slightly curved and generous shapes reflect the current interior trends. For example, place a small square plate diagonally on top of a larger round one. You can even try provincial styles such as the leaf style plate to bring texture to a more vintage and traditional inspired table.

Coordinate & Create a Color Scheme

Don’t worry if your tableware with a subtle color scheme is not enough to make the table stand out. You can still follow the classic theme by adding variances to your tableware. You can incorporate dining plates with a suitable pattern design such as SellSage tableware eco-friendly set to unify the entire look of the table and help bridge the color gap.

If you are using a patterned dining set, you can complement those patterned pieces with a complimentary plain color. For a modern feel, try pairing a marble pattern with the wooden look or subtle pastel shades. Or you can also go for Paisley or Mosiac prints.

Styling for Special Occasions

Dining crockery for a perfect home environment has the beat of both types- formal and informal tableware. Some crockery pieces like porcelain and bone china work well for fancy dinner parties. On the other hand, dining pieces such as subtle earthenware is best suited for casual get-togethers. Get creative by mixing and trying a different set of crockery for every occasion.

Stock up on essentials

For an eye-catching dinner presentation, one should have a list of tableware. This checklist should have at least three different sizes of the same serving plate/bowl and keep them in handy for different quantities. Also, do not forget to check your cutlery collections. Make sure to keep these in perfect alignment on the table and serve equal portions to maintain uniformity of the overall looks. 

Let SellSage tableware revive your spirit to experiment with your dining and cater to instant contemporary updates. Modify your crockery set, make the most of your existing collection, and rejuvenate the dining experience. A beautiful dining tableware set will enliven your at-home dining experience, complement your meals, and express your personal style at the same time.

When hosting multiple people at your home, choosing eco-friendly disposable tableware will make your life much easier. Knowing you can simply compost them afterward will make your experience even more enjoyable. 

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