How to best use SellSage compostable tableware for zero waste

Our entire tableware collection is 100% biodegradable. That means our tableware is easily compostable and will turn back to soil in less than 45 days leaving you with no waste! This is your best option for zero-waste disposable tableware.

How to best use SellSage Plantry Tableware:

  • Ready to use:

Once you receive your SellSage Plantry package, you don’t need to wash them, they are ready and safe to use. They have been sterilized beforehand in our sanitized facilities.

  • Sturdy & Leakproof:

You can use your tableware for up to 12 hours and consume food with no risk of absorption and leak. The design is strong and not flimsy like paper or styrofoam options.

  • Hot & Cold:

You can use SellSage Plantry for both your cold and hot dishes.

  • Fridge Friendly:

You can place SellSage Plantry tableware in the fridge but we advise you to not try to microwave them.

When to best use SellSage Plantry Tableware:

Whenever and wherever you need disposable tableware, SellSage Plantry is there for you!

  • Going camping, having a picnic at the beach or in the park – they are perfect for your outdoor parties making sure to leave no plastic behind.

  • Hosting any kind of events such as a birthday or wedding – when you have a lot of guests and you want to make sure your tableware is unified and sustainable.

  • Family dinners: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter celebration – instead of the regular plastic or Styrofoam options that are really bad for the environment, our compostable collection is both convenient and zero waste.

  • For restaurants and other businesses: our containers and compostable tableware are perfect for restaurants, catering services, food trucks that want to be both practical and ecofriendly. It will help position your brand as sustainable which your customers will really appreciate.
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How to best dispose of SellSage Plantry Tableware:

  • The best and most efficient way is to directly place them on top of your compost. They take about 45 days to breakdown. Just as a regular compost item, make sure to turn your compost once in a while to help with the process.

  • If you do not have a compost at home? Research how to drop off your compost waste based on where you live. Some areas have green bins available for residents.

  • Did you know you could start your own compost even if you live in an apartment? There are different ways to go about it. Vermicomposting which involves a bucket of worms is a great indoor composting option. Don’t worry, the worms will be too busy eating your leftovers and won’t try to escape! You can also go for a larger Composting Tumbler to place on your patio. That will allow a bigger capacity and will make the process smoother and faster.

  • Note that if SellSage Plantry tableware, as well as other organic waste, are put in the regular trash, they won’t be able to breakdown properly. Taking care of your compost can really help you reduce your waste and environmental impact.
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