6 reasons why buying compostable tableware will help and support your restaurant

Canada & Australia are starting to ban single-use plastics as soon as 2021. Maryland is now the first state to have banned Styrofoam… It is happening! These sustainable measures to protect our Earth are put in place NOW. Will you be part of the movement? 

At SellSage we offer compostable tableware for multiple reasons.

  1. We believe it is our duty to do everything we can to improve our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. Choosing compostable tableware instead of plastic or Styrofoam is an ideal solution: it won’t create additional waste and will instead turn back into soil in 45 days.
  2. We understand we can’t change our lifestyle completely. This is why we offer compostable disposable tableware which provides the convenience of disposable tableware while making sure it doesn’t harm the environment.


We want to help you transition towards more sustainable practices. If many people think that sustainable options mean sacrifices, we want to show you how switching to eco-friendly compostable tableware can actually HELP your business.

Offering compostable tableware at your restaurant will help you position yourself better, improve your brand image, attract returning customers… all that while helping the environment! Let’s take a look how.


1. Compostable tableware will show that you care about the environment

Your customers make an opinion on your restaurant based on a lot more than just your core products, which is food. Their experience starts as soon as they hear your business name, try to look it up online, look for parking, push the door, talk to your waiters, finally get the food and taste it and leave. These are all very important “details” and crucial to how your customers will perceive your business and decide they want to come back or not.

Offering compostable tableware instead of single-use plastic or Styrofoam is a big detail that makes a big statement. It will get your point across louder than by yelling “we want to save the Earth”. It shows that you really care. This is not about marketing, this is not a greenwashing statement. This is an actual action that has a real impact. Your customers will see that. They will see that you care about the waste that you produce and that your customers will produce once they go home with the go-to boxes. This becomes a part of your vision and purpose. 

2. Compostable tableware is more stylish & elegant

Our compostable tableware is made out of palm-leaf. They provide a sleek and natural look that looks so much better than the plastic ones. Imagine a plastic plate vs a cute heart-shaped bowl. Which will highlight your food in a better way? Which one do you think your customers will want to snap a picture of and share?


3. Compostable tableware is chemical-free and improves the dinning experience

Made from natural elements, it is 100% organic, chemical-free, vegan which will also provide a better experience to your customers. It is a pretty big statement to make – you really care about the quality of their experience. It is like using organic food, customers expect to pay more for and they appreciate the taste better. Your tableware will also bring a different experience to your customers.

4. Compostable tableware will help you reduce your waste

Having 100% compostable tableware will help you cut down your waste which also has a cost. It turns back into soil and fertilizer in only 45 days. You can even repurpose it to regrow your own plants.

grow your own garden

5. Compostable tableware has a sturdy design

No more having to double up plates. The sturdy design makes it durable and leak-proof. Offering a way better experience to your customers and making it look more like real tableware.

6. Compostable tableware helps you get returning customers

By paying attention to these “details” you are making sure to cater to a growing audience that cares about the environment. And don’t worry, this won’t hurt those who don’t yet care about it. No one would walk away because you offer compostable tableware. But you will definitely rub some customers the wrong way if you don’t.


Adopting compostable tableware will make your restaurant look more upscale, show that you care about environmental issues, help your customers enjoy their food better, and overall improve the image of your business. Be an early adopter before it becomes compulsory by other countries and states and start surfing the wave now. This will really show your commitment to your customers.


If you are interested in doing wholesale with us, send us a request now at connect@sellsage.com

We are looking forward to helping you transition towards more sustainable practices.

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