Compostable versus single-use plastic tableware. How to choose and why?

Convenience is probably the #1 reason why we decide to go for disposable tableware. 

  • Easy to use when grabbing food on the go. 
  • No need to wash them which is especially convenient when hosting a big group of people or when you don’t have a sink nearby, like when going camping or on a picnic.
  • You might also not have that many of the same utensils available at all times so grabbing an extra box of forks and plates can always help.


But our need for convenience has created a much bigger issue. 

Waste. Tons and tons of harmful waste for the Earth, for humans, and for all other living beings.

Plastic waste cutlery

Current situation

It is estimated that more than 100 million pieces of plastic utensils are being used by Americans every day. Every. Single. Day. And litter from takeout orders such as cups, plates, cutlery, and straws are the main source of the estimated 269,000 tons of plastic pollution found in oceans. 

Plastic cutlery has been listed by the Ocean Conservancy as the most deadly items for sea turtles, birds, and mammals. 

This has become a really big issue. But why is plastic that dangerous?  

Plastic products are made from petroleum. They are non-biodegradable and non-compostable (or could take up to 1,000 years to do so) while leaking harmful substances into the earth during their slow decomposition. 

On top of that, the production of plastic tableware is very harmful to the environment as well, using millions of barrels of oil every year.

eplastic waste

So.. what can we do?

Because our use of plastic is growing every day, our plastic waste is also growing. We are now seeing single-use plastic bans emerging in different parts of the world. The laws on packaging are becoming stricter, forcing companies, restaurants to find alternatives. This is where compostable plant-based materials come into play. Compostable disposable tableware is not only the future. It is the present, too. 

Compostable tableware, as we offer at SellSage, allows us to reduce harmful waste, reduce CO2 emissions while still offering convenience. 

The shift towards sustainable alternatives is here now and will soon become mandatory for everyone. 

At SellSage, we have put a dent into that market offering compostable products with competitive pricing and better quality. 

SellSage Compostable Tableware & cutlery

Because we cannot change our entire industry and lifestyle, we need to meet people halfway and offer them other convenient solutions that won’t hurt the Earth. And this is exactly what we are working to do at SellSage. 


From the very beginning, our products are sustainable. Our compostable tableware is made from naturally fallen palm leaf. These palm trees are found in abundance in coastal areas in India and are not a part of artificial plantations.


Our tableware is 100% compostable and can be composted at home. They take about 45 days for the product to break down into fertilizer which you can then be reused when gardening. 


SellSage products are completely free from harmful chemicals like wax, pesticides, preservatives, or colors. Leaving your food chemical-free as well! 


This won’t be a sacrifice. Instead, it is a step up from the single-use plastic tableware you are used to. The design is sturdy, leaf-proof for up to 12 hours, and elegant giving a natural style to your dinner table. 


We are proud to be certified biobased which means our products are 100% made from renewable biological sources.

SellSage Compostable Tableware

How can you help?

For your next party or event, when you need disposable tableware – choose compostable. Check out our entire selection here.

Share the word! Next time you go to your favorite restaurant and they give you plastic utensils and tableware, talk about it and mention the need for compostable tableware. In the future, favor restaurants using compostable utensils and plates. 

Consumers have a lot more power than you may imagine and you would be surprised to see your favorite places getting interested in the topic simply because people start talking more about it and bringing more awareness to the topic. 

A lot of people don’t realize compostable tableware is a valid and better option. We do not have to get stuck with harmful plastic. We can start changing now. 

Now is the time to shift your preference and choose compostable sustainable products. We are seeing more and more companies and individuals taking the leads and switching before it even becomes mandatory. Why? Simply because it makes so much more sense. For our health. For our planet. For our present and for our future.


Shop the entire SellSage compostable tableware collection here. Interested in wholesale? Contact us today. 

SellSage Compostable Tableware
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