2021 Sustainable + Eco-Friendly Awareness Days to Celebrate

Is one of your intention this year to be more sustainable and eco-friendly but you are not sure where to even begin? We’ve got something to help you do that! 

We can easily become overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done to really achieve a “sustainable lifestyle”. But we can’t let the amount of work ahead of us stop us from doing our best and from starting NOW.

We invite you to look at the different sustainable awareness days throughout the year and to use these days to learn and take action about a specific topic. 

2021 ecofriendly calendar

Environmental Awareness Days

There are many national and awareness days throughout the year that have a sustainable and eco-friendly focus. The goal of these days is to bring awareness and knowledge on a particular topic such as endangered species, biodiversity, recycling, etc. These topics are too often discarded and left out of the conversation and most people don’t know enough about it and why it is an issue and how we can help. 

Awareness is a very important step. If we want things to move, we first need to be aware things need to change. Having a day dedicated to learning more about the specific issue and the ways to help can be very beneficial. It is also a way to spread throughout the year the topics and learning opportunities to not overwhelm you all at once. 

Use these days to learn more about the topic and educate yourself or your community about what is happening. Then commit yourself to take at least one specific action that can support the cause – let it be to stop buying certain products, to donate to an organization, to change your consumption habit, etc. Each day will have different ways to celebrate them. Read more about it and bring your attention to it.

Here are the important dates to pay attention to this year.

We’ve compiled them all in a calendar that you can download for free now

Download the eco-friendly calendar now:

List of the sustainable awareness days:


February 27: World Polar Bear Day


March 3: World Wildlife Day

March 18: Global Recycling Day

March 21: International Day of Forests; World Wood Day

March 22: World Water Day


April 22: Earth Day


May 17: Bike to Work Day

May 22: World Biodiversity Day

May 23: World Turtle Day


June 5: World Environment Day

June 8: World Oceans Day

June 16: World Sea Turtle Day


Plastic Free July

July 11: World Population Day


August 19: World Orangutan Day

August 22: National Honey Bee Day


September  16:  International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

September  18: World Cleanup Day

September 21: Zero Emissions Day

September 22: Car Free Day


October 1: World Vegetarian Day

October 4: World Animal Day

October 10: Mental Health Awareness Day

October 28: Sustainability Day

October 24: International Day of Climate Action


November 1: World Vegan Day

November 15: America Recycles Day

November 17: Take a Hike Day


December 11: International Mountain Day

Are you ready to make some changes this new year? Let’s go on this journey together. Download our free calendar now to remind you of the eco-friendly dates and to keep notes of the eco-friendly actions you want to take each month. 

By starting step by step you give yourself a real shot at succeeding and by the end of the year you will have achieved way more than you would have thought it possible. 


Download your sustainable calendar for free now


We wish you a green & sustainable year! 

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2021 calendar ecofriendly - pinterest
2021 calendar ecofriendly - pinterest
2021 calendar ecofriendly - pinterest
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