5 benefits to composting

If you are looking to reduce your waste and have a positive impact on the Earth this year, we recommend you to start composting! 

There are many positive impacts and benefits to start a compost. First, let’s start on a healthy basis.

What is composting? 

Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic waste such as food and yard waste into compost. In other words, it transforms organic waste back into earth. 

Let’s take a look at 5 important benefits of composting:


#1 Take your trash out of the landfills

By throwing organic and compostable waste in the regular trash,  you are missing a great opportunity to reduce the amount of trash that is going to the landfill. Organic waste has no problem breaking down when it is put in a compost as it has the perfect conditions for them to turn back into earth. Unfortunately, when they are in the landfill they might never break down and go back into earth. Instead, they just add on to the already overwhelming amount of trash we need to deal with.

#2 Create healthy fertilizer

When your organic waste breaks down into compost it doesn’t just go back into Earth and “disappear”, it actually creates healthy fertilizer. You end up with a rich soil that is perfect to grow new plants without having to add chemical fertilizers.

#3 Combat climate change

By composting organic waste you are reducing the total amount of greenhouse gas such as methane that landfills are creating but you are also growing healthier plants that will help absorb carbon dioxide.

#4 Keep the soil moist

When your soil is made from that rich compost it has a great capacity to retain water which will keep the soil moist and healthier.

#5 Clean the water

Not only will it help the water penetrate the soil, but it also helps purify the water coming into the soil. The compost will help clean the water from chemicals such as pesticides it might have picked up along the way. The water entering the soil is now cleaner which means once it reaches rivers and oceans it won’t be carrying harmful chemicals.

Ready to give composting a try this year? This can be done in many different ways! Start a compost in your backyard, on your patio, or even in your apartment. Look into local farms or community gardens that would be happy to collect your organic waste. Research if your city is already collecting compost.

To learn more about composting at home: click here

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5 benefits composting
5 benefits to composting
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