10 unique and sustainable ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often criticized as a mainstream holiday promoting consumerism over love and creating a lot of waste and damage for our planet. This year is our chance to make Valentine’s Day a little more magical and sustainable without having to cancel it altogether.

Indeed, we shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to tell our partner how much we love them. But why deprive ourselves of a day focused on love? 

Are you ready to create a unique day filled with intentions to show and feel your love? Let’s go!

valendtine's day sustainable ideas

Organize a sustainable picnic

In a few years, will you remember the perfect day you spent with your partner or the gift you already lost? Experiences create memories. Instead of buying a useless gift, spend some time creating an experience that you can both enjoy together.

Preparing a picnic for example is an excellent idea as it involves being outside, eating yummy food, and sharing a moment together.

To make your picnic sustainable and minimize your impact:

  • Use local, in-season ingredients 
  • Make a plant-based menu
  • Use compostable tableware like the SellSage ones – not only they have a low-impact since they are compostable but their unique design will make your picnic look even better! Click here to see our entire collection.
sustainable picnic date idea
sustainable picnic ideas

Pictures by Fairly Southern using SellSage compostable tableware. 

Discover a new area together

Discovering something new together is not only exciting but also bonding. Make it a surprise for your partner and plan a day to check out a new town nearby or a new hike.

valentine's day date ideas

Make a fun date at home

Can’t go outside because of COVID or because of the bad weather? Recreate a fun atmosphere at home and change things up. Move the furniture and bring a picnic inside or create a little camping area. Just changing the environment will help create a special mood. 

Play a board game

Turn off the TV and try some new or old board games. 

board game date idea

Breakfast in bed

Prepare breakfast in bed like if you were in a hotel. Make a pretty presentation with fallen leaves, get some pastries from your local bakery, bring out the mimosa, pick in-season organic fruits, and enjoy staying in bed a little longer than usual.

breakfast in bed valentine's day

Organic wine from the year you met

Get your loved one an organic wine bottle from the year you met to make it more special.

Volunteer together

Couples who volunteer together… stay together. 🙂 

Pick a local organization you both find interest in and spend a few hours volunteering together. Doing something positive together will bring you closer. You could volunteer to clean the beach or a park or help at a local community farm for example.

volunteering valentine's day

Buy a plant

Instead of buying flowers from the supermarket, pick a plant from the farmer’s market or your local nursery that will last longer. It could be a nice addition to your indoor decoration or a plant to grow in the backyard. Research the best option for you depending on how much care, sun, water they need. Pick a native plant that will grow better in your environment. 

Write a plantable card

Writing how we feel about someone else can be really powerful and make a great impact on that person. Pick a plantable seed card and write your partner a love letter. You can then both plant the card in a pot and see your love grow wildflowers throughout the year.

36 questions to fall in love

Open an organic bottle of wine or make some tea, get comfortable and pull up the 36 questions to fall in love. These questions are made to start new conversations and get to know the person on an even deeper level. This is a great bonding moment.

valentine's day couple ideas

Are you ready to make Valentine’s Day feel even more special this year?


With love,


The SellSage Team

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Valentine's Day Sustainable Date Ideas
Valentine's Day Sustainable Date Ideas
Valentine's Day Sustainable Date Ideas
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