Slow Living: 10 ways to slow down and be happier and more sustainable

It seems like we are living in a world where being productive, efficient, going fast, getting rushed, and rushing others is our number one preoccupation. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of things… but happiness.

Increase stress, anxiety, health problems, poor attention span, loneliness… 

So have we been focusing on the wrong things?

To change our ways of living, we first must realize how we have been conditioned. We are being promoted when staying late at work, we are being judged on how much we produce, even announcing that we are “way too busy” is a cool thing to say and be proud of. But it hasn’t really been serving us. Now is time to change the norm.  

slow living

Slow Living & The Earth

Slow living is part of the sustainable movement. Slow goes against the fast culture that is damaging the environment at a monstrous rate. Slow living stands for respect: of ourselves first, of our community, of the environment. 

Slow living celebrates living in the present moment. Connecting to our environment and its people. When we do that, all the distractions, the damaging entertainment, the overconsumption slowly start to fade away because we simply don’t need those to fill our life anymore. 


If you are looking for more peace, happiness, respect in your life, then adopting a slow life might be exactly what you need! 


We’ve compiled 10 ways to help you slow down step by step and enjoy all the little things already present in your life waiting for you to be noticed. 

Ready to increase your level of happiness? Let’s go!


10 ways to live a slow life

1. Cook organic plant-based food at home

Instead of spending time driving to go get unhealthy fast-food, spend time cooking nourishing food such as organic plant-based meals. This is your opportunity to make it a special moment, a cherished activity that also has a positive impact on the environment. 

2. Eat without distractions

How often do you sit down at the dinner table and actually enjoy and take time to appreciate your food? Turn off the TV and use all your senses to enjoy your food.

How many different colors do you see? How does the texture feel? How does it smell? Is it crunchy when you bite into it? Can you hear it? 

If you usually get coffee to go, try ordering it in and sitting down. No distractions again, enjoy it mindfully, look at the people coming in and out.

By slowing down and making it a more conscious process, you will find it deeply more enjoyable and gratifying. It will also be more filling and you will feel more satisfied which will help you to not overeat. 

3. Adopt a capsule wardrobe

Decluttering our wardrobe can also bring more peace. Focus on the items that really bring you joy. Having less will also help you to not overthink what to wear in the morning nor change 3 times before deciding on the outfit. When adopting a capsule wardrobe, you will also notice how little you actually need. Before buying any additional piece of clothing, ask yourself if you really need it or not. 

4. Buy goods from ethical brands

Every time you are buying something – anything, whether it is clothes, food, furniture, etc. – you have the choice to support an ethical company and to buy eco-friendly products. Make sure to research ahead of time who you are giving your money to. Taking your time before making a purchase and making more conscious and mindful purchases help you to support your vision of the world and your values. 

5. Do your grocery at the farmer’s market

Farmer’s market is a great place to shop for multiple reasons. You get to meet the farmers who are producing your food. You get to shop local and in season which reduces the amount of packaging being used as well as the shipping. It gives a lot more meaning to your purchases. Spend the morning connecting with the people, buying organic food. Now imagine going to the supermarket. What kind of energy do you think will bring you more peace and joy? 

6. Start gardening

Attending to your garden has many relaxing properties. You don’t need a big outdoor space. You can start small, even indoors. Making it part of your ritual to water plants and to see them grow is one of these little life’s treasures that are priceless and that will help you to feel more connected to the environment.

7. Go for a mindful walk

Do the math: how much time do you spend on your screens (laptop, phone, TV) each day… Your mind and body need a break. Go for a mindful walk without any music. Leave even your phone at home if you can. Instead, look at the surroundings, pay close attention to the leaves, the sound of your steps. It will be more reinvigorating than a nap. The more time we spend celebrating Mother Nature, the more inclined we will feel to protect her as well. 

8. Listen carefully

Are you meeting up with a friend? Offer your undivided attention to that person. Put all the distractions away and really focus on what they are telling you. Don’t try to form an answer before they even finished their sentence. Slow down, listen carefully, and you will see your friendships grow to a deeper level.

9. Meditate first thing in the morning

The way you spend the first 20 minutes of your day is going to have a big impact on how you will feel throughout the rest of it. Try putting your phone away or on airplane mode when you sleep so you are not disturbed by notifications. When you wake up, play a guided meditation or simply focus on your breath. Quiet your mind and set a positive intention for the day. Imagine doing this versus looking at the negative news and scrolling down your feed. Which one will provide more peace and happiness do you think? 

10. Daily gratitude 

Even on the worst days, there are always things you can be grateful for. Your warm bed, the sun shining outside, or the rain providing much-needed water for the plants and trees, your family, food to nourish you… List at least 3 things you are grateful for each day. Share it with a loved one or note them in your journal.

grow your own garden

These 10 tips are here to help you bring more peace, quiet, and happiness to your daily life. If you are trying to adopt a slow life, be mindful that old habits might creep up after a little bit. Put some reminders around you and revisit them frequently. 

We wish you a slow, peaceful, happy life,

The SellSage Team

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slow living
slow living
slow living
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