10 *EASY* Low-Waste Kitchen Hacks You Can Start Implementing Now

Have you ever noticed how much waste we produce in the kitchen? From food waste to packaging it definitely adds up quickly. 

If you would like to reduce your impact and your waste but going full-on zero waste seems overwhelming and impossible at the moment, don’t worry! 

These 10 easy kitchen hacks will not only help you reduce your waste and negative impact on the environment daily and drastically but will also improve your lifestyle instead of becoming a burden or being too time-consuming. 

Ready? Let’s make some changes! 

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1. Compostable trash bags

Plastic bags take thousands of years to break down. Avoiding using single-use plastic is one of the most important actions you can take if you wish to reduce your waste and impact. One easy trick is to swap your plastic trash bags for compostable ones. Next time you need to buy trash bags, look for a more sustainable brand offering compostable trash bags. 

That really won’t change your life but it will improve your impact on the earth.

2. Reusable cloth rags and napkins 

If you love your paper towels, this might look like a hard one for you at first. But it will also be one that might make the most impact. Have you ever paid attention to how many paper towels you use daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Trust us, it adds up! 

Switching to reusable cloth rags and napkins is much easier than you may think. One trick to make the switch more convenient is to have a lot of rags available. That way you never run out, you don’t need to wash them every day, nor to feel like you can’t use them if you just spilled something on the floor. 

You can buy reusable cloth rags or even better use old clothes, bedsheets, or fabrics you don’t need anymore and repurposing them for the kitchen. 

 3. Reusable baking sheets

Do you use non-stick foil or parchment paper to bake in the oven? Switch to reusable baking sheet liners that can be easily washed. It won’t stick and you won’t have to throw it away afterward.

4. Beeswax wrap

Another way to get rid of foil is to use beeswax wraps. Sometimes you don’t have the right container or it takes too much space or you need to cover a dish that doesn’t have a lid. That’s when you find foil to be very convenient. Beeswax wraps serve the same purpose but in an eco-friendly way! They can be washed easily and reused multiple times.  

They are also much better looking!

5. Sustainable sponge and dish brush 

Do you use that blue sponge we can find in every kitchen? Did you know these are actually full of tiny pieces of plastic that will break down and go down the drain when doing the dishes, which will end up in the ocean polluting the ecosystem?

Drop the blue sponge and get a sustainable compostable wood dish brush or sponge that will do the job without leaving any trace behind! 

6. Cotton produce bags

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, avoid using plastic bags and use your own cotton produce bags that you can carry around with you. Wash them once in a while and reuse them as much as you want! 

7. Organize your produce 

How often do you forget about the produce you already have in the fridge until they end up going bad and you have to throw them away? Have an organizing system to put the old veggies and fruits first in your fridge so you make sure to use them. You can also have a list on the fridge to remind you what to use.

8. Leftovers

Store your leftovers and reuse them the next day. You will be surprised by the amount of food you end up throwing away. Instead, keep your leftovers, eat them as a snack, combine them with other leftovers to make a full meal. 

Challenge yourself for a week to not throw any food away and get creative with it!

9. Start composting

This one might ask you a little more organizing but once it is set up you won’t have to think twice about it anymore and you will drastically reduce the amount of trash you produce weekly. 

Learn more about composting at home and its benefits here.

10. Bulk buying and glass jars storage

You might think buying in bulk is more time-consuming but really it isn’t! Do a quick search to see which stores around you offer bulk food. Start small. A lot of supermarkets offer for example at least nuts in bulk for example. Start there and store them in your old glass jars (from jam jars, tomato sauce jars, etc.). 

Start by making these 10 easy swaps and actions and you will already see a big difference in the amount of food, plastic, and general waste you throw away. 

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low waste kitchen hacks
low waste kitchen hacks
low waste kitchen hacks
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