Debunking the myth that sustainable living costs a lot of money!

There is this myth that living a sustainable life costs a lot of money. That it’s not for everyone. That it takes a lot of effort and resources.

Of course, when we think about it from that angle, it’s hard to start. We find many excuses to not even look into it. We say we will eventually join the movement but not now. Later when we have more time, more income, less this, more that. 

But the thing is that sustainable living doesn’t have to be that difficult, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune… Living more sustainably can actually make our life easier, happier and yes it can help us save money!

Our mission at SellSage is to support you to move towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle by offering you a different perspective, products easy to use, and tips to help you transition. 

Our compostable tableware, for example, is made 100% from naturally fallen palm leaves, they are compostable which means they turn back into soil in 45 days leaving no trace behind, they are non-toxic… but they are also AS EASY to use as the regular single-use plastic disposable plate. Because we know sometimes we still need disposable tableware! Yet disposable doesn’t mean it has to be toxic for the Earth. Switching to this sustainable, eco-friendly product does not take more effort! We also make sure to keep its pricing affordable. Take a look here.

We want to help you see sustainable living as an opportunity to step into a life that feels better to you and to the planet. But we also want to show you it is not only possible but more enjoyable to live a life closer and more respectful to nature. 


Here are 5 tips that show you that sustainable living doesn’t cost more… It actually helps you save money! 


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