Guide to Organize Eco-Friendly Events

If you are organizing an event: a wedding, a birthday party, a bachelorette brunch, or any other type of gathering, these ideas will help you make your event eco-friendly and conscious. 

Making sure you are reducing your waste and creating a sustainable environment for your event will create a positive mood for the day, it will leave a great impression on your guests and will make the positive impact you are looking for!

1. Send paperless/ seed paper Invites

The party starts… before the party starts! When inviting your guests, be mindful of the invitations. Avoid sending traditional stationery paper that ends up creating waste. Instead, be more creative by sending your invite on a seed paper that guests can replant afterward and that will bloom into flowers. Trust us, they will love the idea and gift!

You can also decide to go paperless and create instead a beautiful email or landing page for your guests to RSVP and get all the useful information they will need for the party online.

2. Pick an eco-friendly venue

If you have to rent a space for your event, pay attention to the carbon footprint that the venue creates. Look for a place that is being conscious by using renewable energy such as solar panels, and that has a recycling system in place. Ask them to let you know about the actions they are taking. Pay also attention to the different products they use such as natural soaps in the bathrooms and reusable towels instead of paper towels.

3. Serve farm-to-table food

The food makes the party! Whether you are providing the food yourself and working with a cater make sure to use local and organic food as much as possible. Try also reducing the amount of meat being served and have a selection of organic wine to serve. You can mention during the event, on the menu for example, where the food comes from, it will create a more mindful eating experience for your guests.

4. Use compostable tableware

Using disposable tableware at your event can make your life so much easier! You won’t need to rent dishes that can be pricey, nor having to worry about cleaning them afterward. It helps you save time and energy. 

But not every disposable tableware is the same! Single-use plastic tableware produces a lot of waste and is very harmful to the environment. 

Compostable tableware, on the other hand, provides a natural and elegant look while being 100% natural, chemical-free and will turn back into soil in 45 days after being used. 

Compostable tableware is an inexpensive eco-friendly option compared to renting tableware for the event. Take a look at our entire collection here

5. Find sustainable alternatives to balloons

Rubber balloons are very wasteful and damaging. They take many years to decompose leaving harmful chemicals behind them. Your party doesn’t need balloons. Here are other alternatives that are eco-friendly: 


  • Pinwheels from biodegradable paper
  • Bubbles using eco-friendly detergent and water 
  • Reusable flags

6. Make different gifts for your guests

Would you like to give a thank you gift to your guests? There are many options for you that are sustainable. You can put together a little package that contains natural soaps or other natural products. Think also about the wrapping: choose a nice natural fabric they could reuse afterward. You can also offer a plant as a great reminder of that special day.

7. Pick additional eco decoration

Before buying any additional decorations, look if you can buy them secondhand or rent them for the day. You will be amazed by all the gems you can find without creating more waste!

Making your event more sustainable and eco-friendly will have a great impact on yourself, on the mood of the party, and give a great impression to your guests. All that while reducing your waste and negative impact on the Earth! Win-Win! 

Have a beautiful day!

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