5 Ways To Reduce Waste In Restaurants

Waste in the hospitality industry has been a problem for years now. But since the beginning of the pandemic, waste from food delivery and take-out orders has skyrocketed. If it allowed restaurants to stay open, it also contributed to the negative impact of restaurant activities on the environment.

Single-use plastic containers, bags, straws will take more than hundreds of years to decompose. We will be long gone before the fork we used to eat our salad for lunch will be totally decomposed from the surface of the Earth. But it’s not just plastic waste. Food waste in restaurants is also a very important topic to talk about.

Thankfully, there are other options available to reduce waste in restaurants and improve the impact on the environment we are having.  

Whether you own a restaurant or go eat at restaurants being aware of the ways we can reduce our waste when dining out is important. 

As a restaurant owner, we invite you to get familiar with the different alternatives available to you. Some simple actions can already make a big difference. 

As consumers, we invite you to become aware of what can be done and to support places that put them into practice. 

Together we can make this situation beneficial for businesses, consumers, and the environment.

5 Ways to Reduce Waste in Restaurants

1. Reusables for Dining in

For dining in, use reusable dinerware and straws, but also washable tablecloths, and napkins. Avoid using disposable when you don’t have to. This will make a huge impact on your waste management and reduction.

2. Compostable Tableware for Takeouts

For takeouts, avoid single-use plastics and styrofoam and instead choose other sustainable options. Our Plantry collection of compostable tableware gives you the alternative to give out disposable utensils, trays, and tableware without harming the planet. They are made of naturally fallen palm leaves and will turn back into soil in 45 days – leaving no trace behind. More than being eco-friendly, they are also sturdy, and elegant providing a more natural look to your establishment.

We offer competitive pricing for restaurants and wholesale. Contact us for more information.

You can also invite clients to bring their own containers or to-go cups and offer them a discount when they do.

3. Compost your Food Scraps

Start a compost or partner with a local composting facility or farm to make use of your food scraps. This will help reduce your food waste and transform them into natural fertilizer. Composting helps keep waste out of the landfill and reduces your impact on the environment. 

4. Recycle your Waste

Make sure to have a good recycling system that is being followed by your staff and your customers. By simply adding a sign to let people know exactly what they can recycle or not you will make the process much more efficient and effective.

5. Cook Local Food

Use local, in-season food as much as possible in your cooking. Partner with ethical growers, farms,  and sustainable brands. 

Bonus: Communicate about all of these eco actions! 

Consumers are growing an eco-friendly conscience. That means they will rather spend their money on sustainable products. According to Survey Monkey, 1 in 3 consumers prefers eco-friendly options. With sustainability as a decisive factor, your business taking steps to be greener is going to have a positive impact on your clients. 

Once you are taking these steps to reduce your waste and improve your impact on the environment, don’t forget to widely communicate about it.

If you are using ethical brands and ingredients, include more information about it on your menu. Have a poster to invite people to bring their coffee mugs next time. Share your mission on social media and on your website. Make sure your clients know about it and join your cause. 

If you are interested in learning about our compostable tableware options, please contact us today. We offer competitive prices for restaurants and businesses.

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