5 Documentaries to Watch on Netflix this Earth Day

Looking for inspiration this Earth day? Here are our top-5 documentaries to watch this Earth Day. 

1. Our Planet

If you are looking for positive inspiration, Our Planet is made for you. David Attenborough takes us on a journey with 8 episodes to better understand the different ecosystems and the wonders happening on Earth. It helps us realize how incredible and precious our planet is and gives us a dose of motivation to help protect it. 

2. Kiss The Ground

Kiss The Ground looks at our soil and how it can be properly used to help solve the climate crisis. By better understanding how to work the soil, we can then support growers and food suppliers using regenerative agriculture.

3. Chasing Coral

Let’s look at what is happening underwater and the dramatic situation of the coral reef. Chasing Coral helps us open our eyes to what we cannot see yet is already affecting all of us. 

4. A Plastic Ocean

Where is all the plastic we are using daily end up? A plastic ocean explores the impact of our pollution on the ocean.

5. Down To Earth

Zac Effron and Darin Olien take us around the world to explore different sustainable practices. Get inspired by what is already happening in different parts of the world. 

Ready to Netflix, Chill & Learn? Tag us @SellSage and let us know what you ended up watching. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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5 documentaries to watch on netflix on earth day
5 documentaries to watch this earth day
5 documentaries to watch this earth day
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