How to Celebrate Earth Day this Year

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22. 

Did you know that…

  • Earth Day represents the birth of the modern environmental movement that started in 1970
  • More than 50 years later, we are now 1 billion individuals and 190+ countries to mobilize each year to celebrate Earth Day and bring both environmental issues and solutions to the center of the conversation.

The fight for clean environment has never been more crucial. Will you join the movement this year?

Earth Day 2021

Let’s Clean the Earth

1. Pay Attention to the Trash Around You

There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. This year, we are talking trash! Everywhere we go, from our neighborhood to our vacation towns, trash is around us: in the street, in the ocean, on the beach, in the forests, in the parks. This month, we are inviting you to start paying attention to all the trash laying outside of trash cans. 

We can’t take action on what we don’t pay attention to.

2. Pick Up the Trash You See

Then, take the commitment to pick up trash when you see it.

  • Do it on a regular basis once you are out in the street
  • Join a local cleanup. Click here to find a meetup next to you
  • Organize a “plogging”. Plogging means picking up litter while jogging. The idea is to make the cleanup more fun and practical: when you are out exercising, take this opportunity to also clean the trail. You’re getting your workout and leaving the area cleaner than before (which will also be more enjoyable for you next time you come!)

If you don’t jog, it’s ok! Adopt the same idea when you go out surfing, hiking, cycling, walking… Bring a trash bag and pick up what you see! You can even make it a game with friends and the one who picks up the most items win. 

3. Recycle What You’ve Collected 

Once you have collected trash, separate what you can recycle. Did you know not all types of plastic were recyclable? Check out the 7 types of plastic and which ones can or cannot be recycled.

Earth Day Clean The Beach

Picture by @zeroxplastic 

Let’s Reduce our Waste

By spending time collecting trash you will soon realize how much waste could simply be avoided. We will need fewer cleanups if we were creating less trash, so let’s start at the source. Look into what you throw away and decide on what you can start reducing now. 

Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to get zero-waste right away. Pick one or two items you will not purchase anymore.

  • Do you end up with a lot of plastic straws? Take the pledge this month to not use plastic straws anymore. Instead, invest in a reusable straw (in bamboo or steel for example). Next time you order a drink, kindly decline the straw and use your own (that alone will also make you feel pretty good and proud!)
  • Do you throw away a lot of to-go coffee mugs? Put a reusable mug in your car or in your bag and next time you are getting coffee, ask the coffee shop if they can pour it directly into your cup! Et voila! One coffee mug spare! (You can also start making your own coffee at home and take it to go. Not only will it save you waste, but also money!)

Switch to Compostable

79% of all plastics ever produced have accumulated in the natural environment or landfills (click here to learn more)

When you can’t go reusable, then go compostable! There are now many different options to reduce the amount of plastic we are using and throwing every day. 

At SellSage, we are committed to helping you reduce your plastic consumption by offering you compostable tableware. Made 100% of organic material from naturally fallen palm leaves, they break down in 45 days and leave no trace behind! A great alternative to plastic, they are also toxins-free, so better for the Earth and for you! 

Check out our Plantry Collection of biodegradable compostable tableware. 

Stay educated

Staying educated on sustainability and how to protect the environment is very important. It helps you better understand the current situation, how to best help and support the movement, and to stay inspired and engaged. 

Books, podcasts, documentaries, movies… there are a lot of different resources now available to you. 

Click here to read our article: 5 Documentaries to Watch on Netflix this Earth Day

Another way to stay educated is to join the official event of EarthDay.Org “Three Days of Climate Action” on April 20-21-22. To check out the calendar and join the summits, click here

Let’s Bring Awareness

Start conversations with your friends & family. Share this article with someone who might not yet realize the importance of environmental actions or know where to start.

Together we are stronger and we can all make a difference. 

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How to celebrate Earth Day this Year?
How to celebrate Earth Day this Year?
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