The story behind SellSage

Get to know the SellSage team, learn more about our purpose and why we started this business. 

Jayant, CoFounder & Product Development Engineer at SellSage answered a few questions to help you better understand the story behind SellSage. 💚

What made you start SellSage?

I have always been passionate about being eco-friendly and creating less waste. But I observe over time it has been getting increasingly difficult to live that sustainable lifestyle with the hassle-free convenience you get from modern-day products. My aspirations resonated with a lot of other people in the new eco-conscious generation. That’s when we thought to launch an exclusive marketplace for eco-friendly products, substantiated by scientific testing to let people lead a convenient lifestyle with minimal impact on the environment.

What experience led you to start this eco-friendly marketplace?

My on-hand experience in design helps me understand the product, material compatibility, and life cycle. Engineering background has especially helped in identifying and understanding the lab tests and product certification to deliver the best product to the customer.

Getting certified by third-party labels is really important for us because it inspires customers confidence through external expert evaluation. Being transparent in the way we do business is key. We are proud that our Plantry Compostable Tableware Collection is USDA certified 100% biobased product. We are also a minority-owned certified business and we are in the process of gaining other certifications as well as we grow.

What is the story behind the name “SellSage”?

We had a couple of options in mind. SellSage means “Sell-wisely”  (sage translates to wise through reflection and experience). It encompasses what we do and how we want to do it.

What is the background of the people behind SellSage?

SellSage is a certified minority-owned enterprise based in Michigan with a mission to contribute meaningfully to the US market.

Why compostable tableware?

Disposable tableware has been the single most annoying piece of single-use plastics for me. The other options in the market were not competing in quality and durability with the plastic products. Our Plantry products are sturdy, beautifully designed, and fully compostable which checks all the consumer boxes to be a high-quality product.

What struggles have you been facing since in business?

We knew we were going to fight an uphill battle especially considering the restaurants and food places are not open because of COVID. But still, we had faith in people to do the right thing for the environment and decided to embark on this adventure. One primary struggle is with respect to education and awareness of the customers which we try to address through our social media and online blogs. Logistics costs have skyrocketed lately adding to the financial burden, but it’s something we are combating to maintain an excellent customer value proposition.

What realizations and learnings did you gain since starting?

Customers choose and appreciate the right product provided it’s reasonably priced and doesn’t demand a drastic change in their lifestyle. Response to the Plantry products has been overwhelmingly positive and we see great growth prospects in our other product brands to be launched in near future.

The products are made in India. Can you share more about the relationships with the land and the producers there?

Plantry disposable range is made from Areca Palm Tree leaves. Palm tree plantation is in abundance in India for the nut business. The naturally shed leaves are best for the tableware products as it has less moisture and is ideal for shaping. In the past, they were either burned or thrown away, but now it provides an additional source of income to the plantations and farmers. We monitor our stakeholders and ensure fair pay and sustainable practices for our long-term growth.

What do you believe is the biggest blockage for people to be more sustainable? And how could we change this?

The biggest challenge is awareness and availability of eco-friendly options in the market at fair prices.

Our blogs and social media channels are our conscious effort to educate and inform the customers on issues of the environment and sustainability. We are looking to partner with major retailers in the US and Canada to get into stores because that allows us to expand operations while still keeping the per-unit cost low to the end-user.

Anything else you would like to add?

We would like more businesses and individuals to join our effort to be eco-friendly and grow to live together in a cleaner and brighter future.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know SellSage. Learning about the brands you support through your purchases is really important and makes a difference. Thank you for supporting our sustainable businesses. If you have any additional thoughts or questions, don’t hesitate to ask us! 

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