8 Ways to Reduce Your Single-Use Plastic Consumption This Earth Day (And Always)

Earth Day & Earth Month is a great time to learn more about what is currently happening with our planet, to understand how, as individuals, we can make an impact, and to commit to living a more sustainable life.

The magazine YogiApproved highlighted SellSage as one effective way to reduce your plastic consumption.  

Swap Plastic Plates and Cutlery for Compostable Tableware

If you are hosting a party and need to use single-use cutlery and plates, go compostable! Eco-conscious brands like SellSage offer tableware is made from naturally fallen sustainable palm leaves and are compostable in your own backyard.

Fun fact: Instead of the hundreds of years it takes for plastic to break down, compostable tableware turns to fertilizer in less than 45 days!

If your favorite restaurants serve their food in plastic containers, you can also let them know about the compostable solutions available.

From reducing plastic bottles to switching to compostable tablewares, read the full article to learn 8 ways to easily reduce your plastic waste. The article also talks about how to best set yourself up for success. 



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