5 Ways to Make Your Farmers’ Market Booth Stand Out

Do you currently have a booth at one or multiple farmers’ markets or are you planning on starting a booth soon? Then this is for you! 

With sunny days coming and staying, farmers’ markets are getting busier. The success of your day at the market doesn’t rely only on the quality of your products. It will also depend on how you present them.  Whether you are selling food, produce, or other products making sure your booth stands out and looks appealing will help you increase traffic and make better sales.  

Farmers Market

Why do people shop at farmer’s markets?

It’s important to understand your customers and why they like to come shop at farmers’ markets so you can better target these needs.

Here are 8 reasons why people like to shop at farmer’s markets:

  1. To shop local
  2. To support small businesses
  3. To be more sustainable and eco-friendly
  4. To buy fresh produce, food, and products
  5. To buy organic
  6. To have multiple options and discover new varieties
  7. To feel connected to their community and meet new people 
  8. To enjoy the outdoors while shopping

Here are 5 ways you can make your booth look more appealing and get more customers

1. Eco-Friendly Booth

Your booth gives the first impression of your business and tells visually what your brand represents. By curating an eco-friendly booth using sustainable materials you are showing that your business cares about the environment. 

Use sustainable woods and fabrics, add plants as decoration, and repurpose materials such as wooden crates to display your products. 

wooden crates farmer's markets

2. Clear Signage

Add signage that shows the name of your company but also shares more information about your story: where you are from, what you offer as well as what is the mission of your company and what you support.  Too often there isn’t a lot of information available which is too bad because you are missing a chance on connecting with your customers and share your story. This is your opportunity to say something about your company that will set you apart from other booths.

shop local signage farmers market

3. Compostable Tableware

Do you serve food? Then make sure to get compostable tableware instead of single-use plastics. 

Our wide collection of Plantry compostable tableware is great for farmers’ markets. From compostable cutlery to plates, bowls, trays, and containers, we have something for you!

Made from naturally fallen palm leaves, they turn back into the soil in less than 45 days. They also look more elegant and natural than other options while being sturdy and leak-proof.

Your food will be better presented, it is as convenient as other non-sustainable disposable tableware while being much better for the environment! Your customers will really appreciate the effort.

We offer competitive pricing. Contact us today to talk about wholesale. 

Plantry compostable tableware also looks much better in pictures, which will help you better promote your food on social media & your website!

4. Low-Waste Packaging

Customers come to farmer’s markets to shop in a more sustainable way. Make sure to offer eco-friendly options to shop at your booth and avoid single-use plastic bags. Invite people to bring their own containers and offer eco packaging and reusable tote bags.

5. Target the local audience

Even in the same city, from one part of town to the other, the population can change drastically. Make sure to get to know the customers of each Farmers’ markets and what they are looking for. This will help you to better adapt your offers and to place the most popular items first. 


Ready to make your booth stand out at the next farmer’s market? A few changes can already make a big difference! 

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Farmers Market Booth Display Pinterest
Farmers Market Booth Display PinterestFarmers Market Booth Display Pinterest
Farmers Market Booth Display Pinterest
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