5 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Sustainable Gifts

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we are thinking of all the wonderful mothers in our lives. This is also a great time to honor Mother Earth by making gifts that are sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Here are 5 last-minute ideas to make Mother’s Day a true celebration of all Mothers. 


1. Plant A Vegetable Garden

Make a list of your mom’s favorite vegetables, make sure they are easy to care for (or match your mom’s gardening skills) and do a quick search to plant the right seeds at the right season. You can also stop by our local nursery to ask for expert advice. 

Then plan to spend the day with Mom hands in the dirt to make her a beautiful garden. 

Not only will you spend a great afternoon together but also having a vegetable garden at home is such a great way to feel more connected to the Earth and to include a grounding practice into the day. Not the mention the joy of picking fresh vegetables. 

Mother's Day Sustainable Gifts

2. Send A Seed Card

Another way to get things growing is to write a beautiful love note on a seed card. These cards are made of seed paper. Once read, they can be planted and will grow into beautiful plants or flowers. 

Express your love and gratitude on paper. Who doesn’t like getting a beautiful card? 

Then, imagine if that one turned into flowers!

Mother's Day Sustainable Gifts

3. Picnic at the Park

With warmer days coming, it is the perfect occasion to plan a picnic at the park. Pack her favorite food, get our compostable tableware, a beautiful blanket… Et voila! A great way to slow down and spend the day enjoying each other’s presence and nature. 

You can still enjoy our Mother’s Day Sale. Get 40% off your first order and enjoy our elegant and natural tableware that will make your picnic look extra good and will turn back into the soil in 45 days! 

4. Plan a Day Trip

Whether it is visiting a town nearby, walking into a new forest, taking a day trip to the seaside… plan a day with Mom so she can disconnect, relax and make new wonderful memories.

Mother's Day Sustainable Gifts

5. Jewelry To Save The Bees

If you can’t spend in-person time with your mom just yet and are looking for a gift to send her, check out Project Honey Bees necklace and pin. With millions of honey bee hives disappearing every single year, Adopt a Bee Necklace! helps save and protect bees. With this gift,your mom will adopt a unique bee, get a certificate of adoption, learn her bee’s name, and see her new fuzzy friend’s pictures!

Make this Mother’s Day special by honoring the Mothers in your life and the Mother of us all. 🌎

Happy Mother’s Day.

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Mother's Day Sustainable Gifts
Mother's Day Sustainable Gifts
Mother's Day Sustainable Gifts
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