Why Supporting A Certified Minority Business Is Important

SellSage is now proudly a certified minority enterprise for eco-friendly products. 

What does it mean and why is it important to support minority businesses? Let’s look into it!

MBE Certification

The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) was founded in 1972 to certify minority business enterprises (MBEs) with the goal to reduce racial barriers and drive inclusive economic growth for minority businesses. 

What are certified minority businesses

Having a strict certification process with multiple criteria to follow is important to instill trust in customers and partners. 

When you support an NMSDC’s certified minority business, you can trust that you are supporting a business that is at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by racial or ethnic minorities and who are also U.S Citizens. 

  • The company shall be owned by an ethnic minority in one of the represented groups.
  • The principals must be U.S. citizens.
  • The ethnic minority shall own, operate, and manage no less than 51% of the firm.
  • The minority owners shall have complete and absolute control of the company, and be active in day-to-day management and daily business operations.


The following groups qualify as racial or ethnic minorities:

  • African-American / Black
  • Asian-Indian American
  • Asian-Pacific American / Asian-Islander American
  • Hispanic (non-European)
  • Native American Indian

SellSage is now a certified minority business. Learn more about us

Building an Inclusive Workplace

As we are still living in a world where systemic racial discrepancies happen and we are experiencing a much lower rate of minority founders and executives, MBE certification provides progress and a much-needed support network. 

As a certified MBE, SellSage is now a part of an inclusive and dynamic community and supplier network. It creates better business opportunities and better connections with its members but most importantly it helps to make the business world more fair and inclusive

The MBE certification gives the opportunity to promote and market minority-owned businesses to prospective corporate buyers interested in building relationships with minority businesses. A place to connect qualified and inclusive companies together to improve the market.

Why Supporting Minority Businesses Is Important

Customers have a big role to play to make the workplace and business landscape more inclusive. By intentionally deciding to support certified minority businesses and shop their products and services, you are casting your vote for a more inclusive business world

For more information on the minority business enterprise certification, please visit NMDSC.ORG

We are driven by the passion of creating awareness of eco-friendly goods and making them accessible to the larger part of the world. With sustainability as our prime focus, all our products have been mindfully selected with the goal of leaving the smallest carbon footprint for our planet. SellSage is actively making efforts at both the business and consumer levels to transform the world towards sustainable living.

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