Top 10 most deadly single-use plastic items for marine life found in the ocean & their eco alternatives

On this World Ocean Day, let’s identify the top 10 most deadly single-use plastic items for marine life found in the ocean and offer eco alternatives to step by step solve these issues human beings have created over the years.

#1 Plastic Shopping Bags

With 100 billion plastic bags used yearly by Americans, plastic shopping bags have secured their spot on the list! 

About 34% of dead leatherback sea turtles have ingested plastic bags and much other marine life is threatened by them daily.

Solution: Bring your reusable bags everywhere you go! Make sure to have a few in your car, in your purse, at home ready to go! 

#2 Plastic Cutlery

Plastic cutlery is one of the most deadly single-use plastic items. Because of how sharp they are, they cause serious injuries to marine life.

Solution: Carry your own reusable cutlery and say no to plastic ones. Need disposable cutlery? We’ve got you covered. Plantry Cutlery Set is 100% compostable. They are made from naturally fallen palm leaves and break down in 45 days.

#3 Plastic Straws and Drink Stirrers

Straws are fun but they are not always necessary! And especially when we know how harmful they are! Next time you ask for a straw, ask yourself if this plastic straw is worth staying in the ocean for hundreds of years… 


Solution: Decline when you can! Love drinking with a straw? Get steel or bamboo straws you can wash and reuse as often as you can! 

#4 Plastic Fruit and Vegetable Bags

These thin plastic produce bags we use at the grocery store to carry our fruit and vegetable as discarded as soon as we get home but stays in the environment for years! Even when we try to dispose of it properly, it is so lightweight that it easily flies away and ends up in the environment, the rivers, and the oceans becoming a serious threat to marine life. 

Solution: Most of the fruit and veggies we put in these bags don’t actually need to be packaged – just put them in your cart without plastic, your two apples are not going anywhere. Then, carry with you reusable produce bags made in cotton or other eco-friendly materials.

#5 Balloons and Balloons sticks

Here we are buying balloons to celebrate and we end up causing more harm. Balloons are indeed very dangerous for marine life that confuses them for food.


Solution: Next time you organize a party, leave the balloons at the store and find another eco-friendly alternative such as ribbons, pinwheels, or other reusable decorations.

#6 Plastic Bottles & Lids

The irony is that to make a 1L plastic water bottle, you need about 3 times that amount of water. Only about 23% of plastic bottles are recycled within the U.S. Leaving the rest in the landfill, polluting the environment and being a major threat to marine life. 

Solution: Bringing your reusable water bottle everywhere you go is an easy solution! To stop purchasing water bottles from the supermarket, you can start filtering tap water, or refilling your bottles at a water refill station. 

#7 Plastic Takeaway Containers

Takeaways often come in plastic containers. They are called disposable products but nothing about them is really disposable. They stay in the environment, polluting our oceans for hundreds of years. 


Solution: Because we understand that completely getting rid of takeaways isn’t a realistic solution, we have created compostable containers that can actually be disposed of in your own backyard compost. They turn into soil in 45 days. 

#8 Polystyrene Products

Polystyrene foam packaging is being banned from many states and there is a good reason for it! Polystyrene is extremely polluting and highly toxic, and almost impossible to recycle. 


Solution: Get in the habits to look at the list of materials and say no to polystyrene products. Choose reusable or compostable products instead. 

#9 Plastic Lined Coffee Cups & Lids

Even the cups that look more sustainable are often made with a polyester layer to keep the beverage warm. This layer makes it impossible to be recycled.


Solution: Bring your favorite mug to the coffee shop. You can also get a thermal mug to keep your beverage warmer. Bonus: you often get a discount, too! 

#10 Disposable Plastic Cups, Plates & Bowls

Disposable plastic cups, plates, and bowls might be convenient but again they are far from being disposable. They end up in the ocean once again harming marine life and releasing toxins in the water. 

Solution: We created the Plantry collection to answer this need for eco-friendly disposable products. Our tableware products are sturdy, beautifully designed, and fully compostable which checks all the consumer boxes to be a high-quality product. They are also USDA Certified Biobased Product and chemical-freeing

Do you recognize one, many, or all products in this list that you currently use on a regular basis? If that’s the case, which one can you start removing and replacing from your lifestyle? Let’s start with one, and then a second one, and then another one! In no time we will have replaced these 10 items from our daily life making the oceans safer for marine life. 


Happy World Ocean Day.

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