Sustainable Swaps For Father’s Day Gifts

Swap your traditional father’s day gifts with these sustainable alternatives!

Unique, creative, and eco-friendly gifts for all the dads out there!

sustainable father's day gifts

For the sports addict:

Your dad loves to go out for a run, stop by the gym before going back home from work, plan a biking trip over the weekend? Then these gifts will speak his language! 

  • Eco-friendly socks

Eco-friendly socks are a treat to wear and for the planet! 

allbirds ecofriendly socks

Allbirds socks are a great alternative. Made with renewable material, breathable mesh knit, and durable reinforcements for ultimate comfort!

  • Reusable Water Bottle

Make sure he stays hydrated! A reusable water bottle is a great gift as it also helps to reduce the number of plastic bottles polluting the landfill. 

hydroflask reusable water

Hydroflask double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel keeps your water cold for hours and helps reduce plastic consumption. 

  • Recycled Yoga Mat 

For the morning yoga routine or after-work stretch, a good yoga mat will make the difference.

sugamat recycled yoga mat

Suga has revolutionized the way to make yoga mats by repurposing old wetsuits. 

For the adventure junky:

  • Camping Compostable Tableware

Get a set of compostable tableware to be used on his next adventure! 

compostable tableware

SellSage compostable plates and cutlery are made of naturally fallen palm leaves. 100% natural and biodegradable they break down in the compost in 45 days leaving no trace behind while still enjoying the comfort of being disposable. 

  • Biodegradable Sunscreen

Unfortunately, most traditional sunscreens contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. 

Picking a water-resistant, eco-friendly, safe sunscreen is important for the skin, the environment, and all marine life.

biodegradable sunscreen raw elements

Raw Elements sunscreens contain no chemical UV absorbers, no oxybenzone, no nano-particles.

  • Sustainable Sunglasses 

Time for a new look, and one that doesn’t harm the environment!

sustainable wood sunglasses

Soul California Eyewear is made using wood arms and recycled polycarbonate frames. They also donate 10% of net profits back to ocean conversation and marine life. 

For the City Lover:

  • Bamboo Safety Razor 

Sustainable safety razors are a go-to for zero-waste clean shaves! 

bambaw sustainable safety razor

Bambaw offers zero-waste razors using one single blade made from stainless steel that is easily recyclable.


  • Reusable Coffee Mug

Disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled because of the plastic insulation that is used to keep the beverage hot. Bringing a reusable coffee mug to the coffee shop or making at-home coffee is a great way to reduce plastic waste. It makes a great gift!

reusable coffee mug klean kanteen

Klean Kanteen stainless steel coffee mugs, keeping coffee hot on all-day adventures and those extra-long workdays.


  • Compostable Phone Case

Gift a new look to his phone while reducing the amount of plastic produced and get a compostable phone case instead! 

pela compostable phone case

Pela cases are the world’s first 100% compostable phone cases! Soft, flexible, and protective they come in many different colors and designs! 

This year, pick a meaningful gift for him and for the planet! 

Shop responsibly and share your love this Father’s Day. Get inspired by our sustainable swap list! 

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