Your Summer Eco-Friendly Bucketlist

Sun is out, longer days are here, it’s time to get our summer bucketlist out! This year, we’re sharing with you an eco-friendly version of the summer bucketlist, to help you enjoy all that summer has to offer AND still respect the environment! 

As we spend more time outdoors and get to appreciate nature more, this is a perfect time to reduce our waste and our negative impact on the planet! 

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#1 Organize a Low-Waste Picnic

Pack your basket full of local and in-season fruits and vegetables, buy organic snacks and drinks and use our compostable tableware and cutlery set that turns into compost in 45 days! Oh, and don’t forget a nice blanket to sit on!

#2 Shop at the Farmers Market

Nothing feels more than summer than strolling down the farmers’ market aisles on a sunny Sunday morning. Take your time to find out new cool local products and brands, talk to the owners and hear their stories, try yummy meals at the food stands and come back with less waste, healthier products, and a much nicer experience than if you had gone to the supermarket.

#3 Bike to Work

Sunny, dry days are perfect to give a try to a new way of transportation! Bike to work, to your yoga class, to the post office… Avoid city traffic while enjoying the fresh air and a nice workout!

#4 Try a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant

Cutting down your meat consumption is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment! And what a better way to start than summertime when the days are warmer and eating meat can feel heavy. Look up some vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your neighborhood and make it a fun date night with yourself or your partner.

#5 Watch the sunset & sunrise

To get inspired to protect the planet, you need to feel close to nature. And there are no better ways to feel connected to the beauty of nature than watching natural breathtaking events such as a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

#6 Go camping

Spending the day and night outdoors, enjoying the company of friends, and connecting back to life’s simple pleasures has the amazing capacity to recharge your battery. 

Make sure to leave no trace behind! Avoid plastic packaging, choose compostable tableware, bring your reusable water bottles, and make sure to pack all your remaining trash when you leave!

#7 Organize a beach/park clean up

Send an invite on social media, gather your friends & family and make a fun morning out of it!

Pick one of your favorite nature spots close to your home and dedicate a few hours to clean up all the trash! It will be very gratifying to see the before and after! 

Make sure to bring biodegradable gloves for everyone! Our GloveUp collection is being released this month! 

#8 Plant a vegetable garden

Make your house greener by planting a vegetable or herb garden. Watching vegetables and fruits grow will give you a whole other level of appreciation for food that we usually take for granted.


Having herbs at home will also help you to reduce both plastic and food waste as you can just cut what you need when you need it!

#9 Organize a clothes swap

The start of a new season is a great time to organize a clothes swap between your friends. Clothes you might not be wearing anymore can be your friend’s next favorite piece. And vice-versa. This is a great way to get a new wardrobe without spending money and without producing more waste!

#10 Spend the day out in the sun

No better way to celebrate summer than spending the whole day out in the sun, at the beach or in the park, reading a good book, listening to music, or taking a nap.  

Make sure to wear sustainable sunscreen! Avoid sunscreen containing Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Homosalate and search for reef-safe eco-friendly sunscreen. 

We wish you a beautiful, fun & eco summer! 

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