Cutlery Set

spoons (pack of 100), forks (pack of 100), knives (pack of 100)


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  • Contains 100 spoons, 100 forks, and 100 knives. A complete cutlery set.
  • Made from naturally fallen leaves it is a PLANT-BASED product, 100% natural and organic
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE  and easily COMPOSTABLE. Turns to the soil in less than 45 days
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: The product is completely free from harmful chemicals like wax, pesticides, preservatives, or colors
  • Unlike paper, leaf-based products are SOAK-PROOF for up to 12 hours. Ideal for consuming liquids/semisolid food without the risk of absorption and leak
  • PARTY PERFECT tableware provides an opportunity to indulge without worrying about cleaning through an ecofriendly and green alternative during brunches, picnics, camping, festivals, and events
  • STURDY and ELEGANT design


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